In-line Sampling valve (SIV)
Inline sampling valves in a wide range  
of constructions to permit to take the  
sample in a safety and quality way.
Precision sampling and dead space  
free design, maintenance free, with  
special protection devices for human  
Partial Stroke Test for shut off  
valve with pneumatic control panel  
and local test or with electronic  
device and local or remote test.
Quick System
Quick closing (<0,5 sec.) to prevent  
turbine damage in ORC plants, and  
quick closing system for shut off  
valve in gas lines in according to  
High speed and cycling in cooling  
system for steel industries.
Double Block & Bleed valve
A solid unique forged body for valves  
DBB ( from ½" to 6" ), in floating  and  
trunnion construction, rating up to  
cl.2500 lbs.
They're mainly used for oil & gas  
skids offering high performance in  
compact design optimizing spaces  
and costs.
Heat. jacket butterfly valve
A series of valves express  
developed for on-off and control  
service of fluids that should be  
maintained warm in all its  
components.  The valves with  
"intensive steam jacked" are used  
mainly in the installations of  
recover sulphur and of sulphuric  
Sampling system (SRS)
This construction permit to take a  
sample during the reaction from the  
top of the reactor.
This construction are made in  
according to customer needs and  
their modular design permits to have  
a large choice of accessories and  
options like Ph measurement and  
we've several references in  
pharmaceutical industries.
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