In the chemical and nuclear plants, in  
some services, need a special valves  
designed for all dangerous, corrosive,  
infiammable, pyrophoric, noxious media  
and all category M fluids as per ASME  
B31.3  liquid or gas Chlorine (HCI),  
Phosgene (COCI2), hydrofluoric acid (HF)  
and chloro-fluorinated compounds all  
display similar hazards.
Globe valves with metal bellows, welded  
to the stem and bonnet, provides a  
continuos metallic barrier between the  
process fluid and the atmosphere to  
achieve zero emission.
The off-shore installations ask for solid  
construction valves with different  
solutions of materials (Duplex, special  
alloy, etc.).
The ball valves in split body, 2 or 3  
pieces and the double block and bleed  
valves are specific for this kind of  
To install valves with high technological  
content give us the possibilities to  
approach several difficulties application  
and develop right product selection  
together with customer.
The design sampling system of process  
fluids, liquid or gas, individually  
designed for the various problems of  
analisys, has like objective the supply of  
engineered systems according to each  
specific applications.
A sampling system properly studied  
allows to take a representative sample  
of the product, which results in a  
excellent accuracy and stable  
measurement of the analisys  
parameters, as well as in a greater  
duration of the analyzers and to an  
optimization of maintenance costs.
The butterfly valves have optimal  
design for installations on ships (gas  
trasnportation and chemical tank,  
engine circuits) for the limited weight.  
Valves in double or triple eccentric  
guarantee long life service.
We have in the time produced the  
necessary certifications to such  
applications, obtain approvals from  
important international companies.
The ball segment valves have an  
excellent geometry for the process  
control of paper mill. They are used also,  
complete with specific actuator, like  
basis weight valves. The range of valves  
is complete with double eccentric  
butterfly valve and slide gate valves, to  
full fill, each step of the pulp & paper's  
In the gas compression stations are used  
high delta-p butterfly valves.
An accurate sizing of each valve's  
components (trim, low noise disc,  
calibrate disc, etc.) gives the reliable  
performance on the process.
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